Bahu became a hit, but people rejected Smriti Irani in this show?

Bahu became a hit, but people rejected Smriti Irani in this show?
Bahu became a hit, but people rejected Smriti Irani in this show?


Smriti Irani 44th Birthday



Smriti Irani, who became an Actress-turned-Union Minister, is celebrating her 44th birthday today (Smriti Irani Birthday).


Mumbai. Out of the entertainment industry, how many stars have gone towards politics but only a few of them are able to prove themselves as a politician. In such a situation, actress Smriti Irani has not only got her coin on the screen, but also in the field of politics. Talk about her acting career, she was mostly active in TV. Today Smriti is celebrating her 44th birthday (Smriti Irani Birthday) and on this occasion we are going to tell you about the memorable TV shows of Samriti and the days of her struggles. Everybody remembers Smriti Irani’s show ‘Because Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ but do you know that she appeared in another show after this.


Smriti Irani played the role of Tulsi Virani, the ideal daughter-in-law in Ekta Kapoor’s TV show ‘Kikki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. In this role, people liked Smriti so much that she is counted among the most favorite daughters of television. Being a daughter-in-law, Smriti was a hit, but after this show, she had another show, in this show, she tried her hand at comedy. We are talking about their comedy shows coming on SAB TV. ‘’ about. In this show, Smriti tried very hard to win the hearts of people with his funny style, but this show could not reach even around ‘Because Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ in Lokpriyata. Here’s a glimpse of this show-

In view of Smriti’s stardom in ‘Because …’, there was a lot of expectation for her comedic show, but in a way, the most favorite daughter-in-law of TV was completely rejected by people in a comedy style. Let me tell you that because Smriti received 5 Indian Television Academy Awards, 4 Indian Tele Awards and 8 Star Parivar Awards. Earlier, she was also seen in TV serials ‘Atish’ and ‘Hum Hain Kal Aaj Aur Kal’.The place where Smriti is today, she has achieved all this through many struggles. Smriti participated in the Miss India pageant in 1998 and she was a finalist of the show. After this, Smriti started looking for a job for money. He auditioned in an ad agency but was rejected after saying that he does not know acting. In compulsion, he had employed a waitress for 1 month in a restaurant. Smriti Irani found work in Singer Mica Singh’s albums ‘Sawan Me Lag Gayi Aag’ and ‘Boliyaan’ after much difficulty. After this, in 2002, he stepped on the small screen.

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