If you still do not understand the danger of ‘Corona’, then see these films, the spirit will tremble

If you still do not understand the danger of 'Corona', then see these films, the spirit will tremble
If you still do not understand the danger of ‘Corona’, then see these films, the spirit will tremble

Many films are available on the app. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appealed to the public to impose ‘Janta Curfew’ to overcome the dreaded threat like Corona Virus, which got tremendous support. But even after the government’s efforts and constant persuasion, many people are still not able to realize this danger.


At present, our country, including the whole world, is fighting a terrible threat like Corona Virus. This virus has caught millions of people and these cases are increasing every day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Naredra Modi) on Sunday appealed to the public for ‘Janta Curfew’, which got tremendous support. But just one day stay at home to avoid Corona will not do. Rather, we have to stop the spread of this disease by staying in homes for a long time. But even after the government’s efforts and constant persuasion, many people are roaming the streets.


Actually many people still do not know the severity of this disease. If you are also one of these people, who cannot understand this danger, then tell you that there are not one but many films, by seeing which you can understand how dangerous the risk of virus like corona is for the whole human community. is. Actually, there are many films which have been made in Hollywood due to the spread of the virus and many countries. In such a situation, there are many films which have already shown everything on the screen, which is facing the whole world today. You also know which such films are.


Steven Soderbergh’s medical thriller Drama Series was released in 2011. To understand the danger of present day corona virus and its terrible nature, this series remains the subject of social media discussion these days and many platforms are being searched fiercely. In this drama too, a virus has been shown which is spreading all over the world overnight. To combat this virus, scientists from all over the world are searching for vaccines. It may be a series, but in many ways, today’s reality has been able to show in the cinema. This series is being streamed on Amazon Prime these days.The crazies

George A. This film by Romero is another film showing diseases of infection among people. A military plane carrying untested test bio-weapons crashes near a US city. This corrupts the water supply of the area and people start dying. To avoid the risk of this disease, the government removes orders to shoot people on sight.


The hot zone

The TV series named ‘The Hot Zone’ was released only last year. This series of 6 episodes is a Canadian medical drama, which is the story of a scientist fighting an Ebola-like virus. It has been told in this series how many agencies quarrel due to the way they do their work and their quarrel proves to be more effective in spreading this disease.


This film depicts a hypothetical disease ‘Motaba’ that spreads throughout California. This disease is caused by infected monkeys, who have been brought here through smuggling in the country. This disease spreads in the entire city in such a way that the government tries to prevent it from spreading through martial law. This series is available on Netflix.


Let us know that the number of deaths worldwide has reached close to 15 thousand due to Coronavirus. At the same time, the number of people who died due to its infection in the country has increased to seven, while the number of infected people reached 415 with new cases coming on Sunday in many states. The Union Health Ministry said that on Sunday, one case of death due to corona virus has been reported in Gujarat, Bihar and Maharashtra. Earlier, one death each occurred in Karnataka, Delhi, Maharashtra and Punjab.

In view of the seriousness of the situation, the administration, taking unprecedented steps, postponed all passenger trains, interstate bus services and metro till 31 March. At the same time, in addition to the lockdown in 80 districts across India announced by the Center, 13 state governments have also lockeddown their states.

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