Kanika Kapoor has gone through difficulties, so wanted to commit suicide

Kanika Kapoor has gone through difficulties, so wanted to commit suicide
Kanika Kapoor has gone through difficulties, so wanted to commit suicide


Kanika Kapoor told the story in the interview



Kanika Kapoor did not even have the money to pay the fees of her three children.


Mumbai. Bollywood’s well-known singer Kanika Kapoor has recently been found to be Corona Virus Positive. There was a lot of uproar about her case because Kanika had joined a party, where people are also suspected of having corona infection. Regarding them, it is also going on that Kanika Kapoor, after returning from London, did not have a screening at the airport and escaped. However Kanika has refrained from all these allegations. Kanika Kapoor is being treated these days. Meanwhile, an old interview of him (Kanika Kapoor Interview) is going viral, in which Kanika talks about the difficult period of her life.


Kanika Kapoor grew up in Lucknow. They were married at the young age of 18 years. Kanika left India in 1997 with her husband Raj Chandook and moved to London. They also have three children from this marriage.

When did the divorce happen

At the same time, their married life was very good but a bad phase came in this marriage and around 2010 Kanika and her husband Raj Chanduk got divorced. Kanika gave to the Times of India Interview I confessed that her husband was with someone else at that time.Kanika wanted to end her life

After the divorce, Kanika returned to India and a very bad phase came in her life. Kanika from a news agency chit chat I told that there was a time when she wanted to end her life. Kanika said, ‘It happens when you have no money, are going through a bad divorce, and lawyers are squeezing you. Apart from this, you have three children, who have been expelled from school because you have not paid the fees.

Don’t give up

Kanika further said in this interview- ‘I do not complain, and I try to find a way to solve things. Finally, when I was on the verge of giving up, God gave me the opportunity to sing ‘Baby Doll’. So yes, then I had no reason to give up. ‘

This was such a career

Kanika started her singing career in 2012 with the song ‘Jugni Ji’. This song was a remix version of Pakistani Sufi song ‘Alif Allah’. At the same time, Kanika got real recognition from the song ‘Baby Doll’ from Sunny Leone-starrer ‘Ragini MMS 2’ in 2014. This song became such a tremendous hit that Kanika started appearing in many interviews and overnight she became a rockstar. After this he sang chartbuster songs like ‘Chittiya Kalaiyaan’ and ‘Lovely’.

This dispute is not stopping

In the era of Corona virus, while on one side everyone was being advised to protect and keep others safe by going in isolation, on the other hand Kanika, who returned from London, came to the party without caring for anyone. During this time she had cold symptoms but Kanika ignored it and she was later found to be Corona positive. Social media users and many Bollywood stars have also criticized him for this irresponsible attitude. Although many have also come in support of Kanika.

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