Rishi Kapoor One Last Wish is Unfulfilled

Rishi Kapoor One Last Wish is Unfulfilled
Rishi Kapoor One Last Wish is Unfulfilled

Rishi Kapoor One Last Wish is Unfulfilled Additionally, Rishi Kapoor said – he never took care of Ranbir and Riddhima as he was busy as an actor. He had this regret in his life. And for this reason, Rishi wanted to get healed quickly to see Ranbir’s marriage this year. According to report, Alia was very close to Rishi Kapoor.

When Alia got the news of Rishi Kapoor’s health issue- she started staying with Ranbir’s home with Rishi and Neetufor last 3 weeks. Alia has been a great supporter and a pillar of strength to Ranbir during this tough time. She was also heart broken by losing father-like Rishi uncle.

Rishi Kapoor expressed about his Last unfulfilled Wish. One of the versatile actors of Indian cinema- Rishi Kapoor was suffering from cancer for last 2 years and stayed in New York for treatment. He returned to India when he was totally cancer free but as his brother Randhir said his cancer had relapsed.

There is no doubt that he was the only bright actor of Kapoor family after his father Raj Kapoor. This actor himself confessed about his unfulfilled desire. We all know that Rishi and his son Ranbir had a disturbing relationship.Butshockingly, this actor talked about his desire to see Ranbir Kapoor married.

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