Sunil Grover shared a photo, police poles flew out of the house in lockdown

Sunil Grover.

Due to Coronavirus, there is a 21 days lockdown in the country. But continuously such pictures are coming out in which people are coming out of the house. Now Sunil Grover himself has shared one such picture.

Due to Coronavirus, these days, 21 days lockdown has been announced in the country. This lockdown has been imposed only to protect people from this virus, but even after this, such pictures and videos are continuously coming out in which people are getting out of the house. Even many times people have to stick sticks on the police. In such a situation, many Bollywood stars have tried to tell people through their social media account that they do not get out of the house and follow this lockdown completely. But comedian Sunil Grover has told people this thing in a different way. He himself has shared his picture with the people while scolding the police.


Sunil Grover has shared a photo, in one part of which he is seen walking on the road and in another part he is seen eating police poles. In one part of this picture it is written ‘As soon as you get out of the house’ and in the other part it is written, ‘Walk some distance.’ In the caption of this picture, he wrote, ‘Stay at home for God’s sake’. You also see this picture


People are commenting a lot on this picture of Sunil Grover and millions of people have also liked it. Their purpose is to convince the people to stay at home during this lockdown.

Talking about the situation of the country on the corona virus, 95 new cases of corona were reported in the last 24 hours. After this, the total number of infected people has increased to 649 and it is continuously increasing. At the same time, 15 people have died due to this virus so far. To prevent the outbreak of Corona virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put a lockdown of 21 days in the country. Today is the second day of lockdown. PM Modi has appealed to the countrymen to stay in their homes. However, during this time people will continue to supply food and drink, milk and medicines.

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Sunil Grover shared a photo, police poles flew out of the house in lockdown
Sunil Grover shared a photo, police poles flew out of the house in lockdown


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