Top 10 Bollywood Stars who Suffered From Cancer

Top 10 Bollywood Stars who Suffered From Cancer
Top 10 Bollywood Stars who Suffered From Cancer

Top 10 Bollywood Stars who Suffered From Cancer These are the bollywood actors and actress who suffered from cancer :-

  1. Irrfan Khan :- We have lost one of the brilliant actors of Indian cinema- Irrfan Khan on 29 April, 2020. This versatile heart throb was just 50 when he was diagnosed by cancer. Our dearly loved IrrfanKhan was bravely fighting against “neuro-endocrine”cancer. It is an intestine related malaise.
  2. Rishi Kapoor :- Just the day after Irrfan Khan’s demise-we have lost another iconic gem of Bollywood- Mr.Rishi Kapoor. This powerhouse of talent passed away on 30 April, 2020 at the age of 67. Rishi Kapoor lost 2 years long battle with Leukemia.
  3. Sonali Bendre :- Brave and bold Sonali herself informed her all fans through social media that she was suffering from cancer. This courageous cancer survivor lady didn’t think twice to post her bald picture on internet that went viral.
  4. Lisa Ray :- Indian-Canadian model turned actress Lisa was diagnosed with multiple myeloma which is a type of blood cancer. This cancer-survivor actress has redefined her life and fought against this deadly disease like a queen.
  5. Manisha Koirala :- Dil se girl of Bollywood- ManishaKoirala was diagnosed by ovarian cancer when she was 42 years old. Manisha didn’t give up her battle and went to New York for best treatment. In 2015, she was completely recovered from this deadly disease.
  6. Anurag Basu :- This famous Bollywood director had a tough battle with cancer. He was diagnosed with this disease in 2011. After a long battle, he is now out of this deadly disease. Irrfan’s dearest friend Anurag even wished that Irrfan also would win the battle against cancer.
  7. Vinod Khanna :- Bollywood’s veteran actor Vinod Khanna left for heavenly abode on 28 April, 2017. He was suffering from bladder cancer. This actor was 70 and his pictures of his last days at hospital went viral on internet in which he looked feeble and weak.
  8. Rajesh Khanna :- Bollywood’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna was battling against liver cancer. He was diagnosed with this disease in 2011. According to report, he was an alcoholic and this addiction took his shining Bollywood career and also his life.
  9. Rakesh Roshan :- In 2019, HrithikRoshan revealed that his father RakeshRoshanwas designed by throat cancer at very early stage. According to report, Rakeshji has been a tough fighter and is now fighting against this disease.
  10. Nargis Dutt :- Bollywood’s successful and much loved heroine – Nargis Dutt lost her life due to cancer. Her son Sanjay Dutt was heartbroken by his mom’s untimed demise. More shocking fact is Nargis died before Sanjay’s first film “Rocky” hit the silver screen. She couldn’t see her son’s first film debut.
  11. Kamal Rashid Khan :- Controversial critic Kamal Rashid Khan was diagnosed by stomach cancer when he was at 3rd stage of this disease in 2018. KRK informed on a tweet that he will alive only for 2 or 3 more years.
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