You Never Know Top 10 Shocking Secrets of Irrfan Khan


You Never Know Top 10 Shocking Secrets of Irrfan Khan These are the unknown facts and biography of Irrfan Khan. Indian Cinema has lost one of its finest gems, Irrfan Khan, on 29th of April.

Through the span of his long and amazing acting career, Irrfan Khan gave us many remarkable performances. Some unknown facts about the actor are- Irrfan Khan was born in a royal family of Japur as his mother belonged to the Tonk hakim family.

The national award winning actor’s real name was Shahabzade Irfan Ali Khan which he later shortened as Irrfan Khan as his screen name. Irrfan Khan never wanted to be an actor.

His first movie, Salaam Bombay, was released in 1988 and then he was a final year student at National School of Drama. His debut movie was also nominated at Academy Awards.

Irrfan Khan got married with SutapaSikdar in 1995 who was also a student of National School of Drama. They have two sons, Babil and Ayan. During one point of time in his career, when none of his films were performing well, he wanted to give up his acting career.

But later when he worked in Asif Kapadia’s The Warrior, his mind was completely changed and he continued his acting career. Irrfan Khan played the lead role in 2001’s historical movie The Warrior which made him famous as it was screened at International Film Festival.

Top 10 Shocking Secrets of Irrfan Khan

His first movie as a lead in a commercial movie happened in the year 2005 with the movie Rog. Irrfan Khan was offered a role in famous Hollywood director Christopher Nolan’s movie The Interstellar but he turned down the movie to act in Lunch Box and D Day.

Popular Hollywood actress Julia Roberts appreciated Irrfan Khan’s performance in the movie The Namesake, during an Oscar night and Irrfan was overwhelmed by this. It is quite shocking but true that the actor was once detained at United States Airport as his name was familiar with the name of a terrorist.

Irrfan Khan is the first Bollywood actor who got starred in two Academy Award winning movies, Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire. In 2011, Irrfan Khan received Padma Shri award for his immense contribution to the field of arts.

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