The CID is coming for a three month break in Soon 2019-CID.

The CID Is coming Soon 2019-CID to go on a break for three months.
The CID Is coming Soon 2019-CID to go on a break for three months.

Hi, hi guys, welcome to my article. My name is Kumar Ajay. Friends, I’ll tell you a piece of CID news. You need to know that Sony’s CID doesn’t come to the channel.

CID is a Crime and Entertainment Show that tells everyone what is happening to you. In India, you have to be alert. Be careful. Cid1 is the ic TV that gives you a beautiful api full of beauty The Od Provide.

CID Is coming Soon

Hello friends, you know why CID is closed because its episodes did n’t get right. The Kapil Sharma, mean while, shows many channels that it has come in the middle, so CID has been honored for three months for six months. ACP Pradyuman Abhijeet Daya had characters in it.

Doctor and many of the names not known to the artist, then the artist who will come down on their leave, even if Diarrhea ways get to see very quickly and it was about 9:00 Start CID is too old to take care of me.

The CID is coming Soon 2019-CID to go on a break for three months.

You’re going to support the CID. It’s going to be a fall. CID can see you behind it very quickly. Two have not come back to sleep for three months the day will be Beauty receiving lower back CID.

What is CID

What does the CID mean? CID is a show that tells the story of a crime that doesn’t really exist and it’s not a show entertainment and mode. About 150 characters were changed in it, then the artist is now an artist.

Present Atop But his name is Abhijeet Freddy’s Day of the ACP Pramanu Doctor. It’s going to be something I don’t even remember, it’s the full Crime Investigation Department form of the CID. You’re not going to hear that. CID is such a thing that the murderer is known by anyone from anywhere.

CID to go on a break for three months.

3-month break because he didn’t move, the president and his TRP were reduced to give CID a short time back, so you can get the CID out very soon. Episodes are going to be good and there is never going to be anything between them. You can obtain a CID.

That’s the right way. You see the running of the CID and it’s bigger than the increased TRP it’s going to die too. Whatever you have to do, you’re going to be very good when CID comes to the top and you’re going to meet him in 100 days.

Let me tell the fans of CID 600 episodes one thing that will only be shown on the Sony channel and they have a lot of knowledge about how to save their own people, how the murder is going to happen, and what you don’t know about it. So, that’s why in your mind you see CID.

What will happen, how will the future be. Keep watching everything you’re going to know very well and one thing that’s CID is that the B Trust is going to bump the CID of the Present Future is not going to do that.