Corona Kahar: Three people infected in Shamli of UP, were involved in Nizamuddin Markaz’s program

Corona Kahar: Three people infected in Shamli of UP, were involved in Nizamuddin Markaz's program

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  • All three were involved in Nizamuddin Markaz’s program
  • Two people are from Bangladesh and one from Assam.
  • Quarantined after report positive


Coronavirus Outbreak: Due to the infection of Corona virus, all the activities including India have been stopped as if. To prevent the spread of corona infection, lockdown has been done in almost all cities of India and people have been advised to stay indoors. People are advised to avoid going to public places and leaving facemask if it is very important to get out of the house. In the midst of this coronavirus panademic, three members of the Tablighi Jamaat have been found to be infected with corona virus in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, two from Bangladesh and one from Assam. They all attended the program held in Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi in March.

District Magistrate Jasjit Kaur said that on Friday evening, all the three Jamaatis were sent to the separate ward of the government hospital of Jhinjhana in Shamli after the infection was confirmed. He told that 13 members of Tabligi Jamaat, 12 of whom are from Bangladesh, reached the district on 17 March. Police said that all the 12 Bangladeshi nationals have been booked for violation of the Foreigners Act, 1946 at Thana Bhawan police station in the district. A case has also been registered against two people who gave shelter to them. On the other hand, the district police has started a campaign to register FIRs against those who violate the lockdown and send them a copy of it.

Senior Superintendent of Police Abhishek Yadav told reporters that a copy of the case against those who violated the lockdown will be sent to his house. Such people will not be arrested simultaneously, but if such a person is found to be violating again, arrest him. Will go. So far, 68 people have died due to corona virus (COVID-19) in India and the number of infected has reached beyond 2900. So far, 2902 have been infected across the country. During the last 24 hours, 601 new cases have been reported, while 12 deaths have also occurred within these 24 hours. Talking about the whole world, the number of people affected by the corona virus has crossed 1 million. More than 57 thousand people have lost their lives due to this dangerous virus.

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