Coronavirus havoc: India has the biggest lockdown in the history of the world

Coronavirus havoc: India has the biggest lockdown in the history of the world
Coronavirus havoc: India has the biggest lockdown in the history of the world
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Amid the havoc of Coronavirus, all domestic flights to India will also be suspended from midnight on Tuesday, which will be the last phase of the nationwide lockdown. This lockdown, which is said to be the biggest in the history of the world, is expected to shock Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to get the country’s economy back on track, which is already growing at the lowest pace of the last decade.

A news published in Bloomberg According to the report, before the suspension of flights, all passenger trains across the country have been canceled till 31 March, as the administration wants to stop the spread of coronavirus in any way. Hospitals in the second largest country lack adequate equipment and equipment in terms of population worldwide, and the social security infrastructure is also inadequate. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday had a conference call with the country’s top entrepreneurs and bankers, who urged policymakers to immediately cut interest rates by at least one per cent, deliver cash to the poorest citizens and suspend payment of loans. did.

Several states have announced lockdowns over the last three days, and the country’s international borders have been closed to most visitors since March 11. So far (24 March 2020: 9 am) in India, the total number of coronavirus patients has been 492, out of which 446 are currently under treatment. So far, 36 patients have been discharged after treatment, while one patient has migrated during treatment. So far nine people have died in India due to coronavirus. Of the total positive patients reported so far, 451 are Indians and 41 are foreign nationals.


But experts say that India may have the same condition as in Italy, where initially the figures were not very scary, but suddenly there was an increase, and hospitals fell short. According to Raghu Raman, the founder of the National Intelligence Grid, a database created for the fight against terrorism, “This is the biggest lockdown in the history of the world…”

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