HantaVirus Kill Man In China Spreads Fear, Total 10 Death Hantavirus Symptoms

HantaVirus Kill Man In China Spreads Fear, Total 10 Death Hantavirus Symptoms
HantaVirus Kill Man In China Spreads Fear, Total 10 Death Hantavirus Symptoms

New Delhi: Right now the terror of the coronavirus and the dreaded disease COVID-19 is taking place all over the world, and a new virus ‘hantavirus‘ has emerged in China, which also took a life. is.
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‘Global Times’ (@GlobalTimesNews) reported on micro-blogging website Twitter that a man in China’s Yunnan province was found to be hantavirus positive, who was killed while traveling on a chartered bus on his way to his workplace in Shandong Gone. According to ‘Global Times’, 32 other people on the bus at that time have also been tested.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of America, the hantavirus is a group of viruses that spreads mainly from mice. According to the CDC, it causes different diseases or syndromes in people. Hantaviruses are named differently in different parts of the world. In the US region, it is called ‘New World’ Hantavirus, while in Europe and Asia it is called ‘Old World’ Hantavirus.

HantaVirus Kill Man In China Spreads Fear

The whole world has suffered due to Corona virus, so the infection of a new virus in China has disturbed the people as well as the whole world about it. According to initial information, the virus is not as dangerous as Covid-19. Thousands of people have died due to Corona virus in China, meanwhile people are also wanting to know about this virus. Due to this, a human has also died in China. Below you are given full information about how dangerous the virus is and what are its symptoms.

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What are the symptoms of Hantavirus
You can easily identify the symptoms of Hantavirus. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, when a person is infected with the Hanta virus, he has fever above 101 degrees, his muscles ache and he also feels a headache. Along with this, a person infected with the Hanta virus also has nausea, vomiting and stomach ache problems. At the same time red rash also appears on the skin.

Currently, scientists are constantly studying to prevent its infection. It has also been said by doctors that people need not panic, because it is spread only through exposure to rats and squirrels. However, India has also not remained untouched by the Hanta virus. There have been two such cases in 2008 and 2016. As a precaution, you should also keep a distance from the rats and squirrels around you. MP4Moviez


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