Third death in Mumbai due to Coronavirus, 10 total deaths in India

Third death in Mumbai due to Coronavirus, 10 total deaths in India
Third death in Mumbai due to Coronavirus, 10 total deaths in India


Special things


  1. Third death in mumbai
  2. Total number of dead in India reached 10
  3. Number of patients around 500

new Delhi:

A third person infected with Coronavirus has died in Mumbai. The 65-year-old man was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He was first in the UAE, then returned to Mumbai via Ahmedabad. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said in a statement that the man had recently returned to Ahmedabad from the United Arab Emirates. Later he complained of fever, cough and trouble in breathing. BMC said that the person was already suffering from many diseases including high blood pressure and severe diabetes. He was brought to Mumbai’s Kasturba Hospital for treatment on March 20, but his health worsened day by day. Let us tell you that about 500 cases of Corona virus infection have been reported in India so far. This number has been revealed in the health ministry’s data till Tuesday. According to the latest data till Tuesday morning, the total number of Kovid-19 cases in the country has gone up to 492 out of which 446 people are still under treatment. The Health Ministry said that at least 41 foreign nationals are included in these figures and so far nine have died. One death each occurred on Monday in West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh, while seven deaths occurred in the past in Maharashtra (two), Bihar, Karnataka, Delhi, Gujarat and Punjab.

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After 22 new cases are reported in the country, the number of people still infected with Kovid-19 is 446. In the last few days, after a sudden increase in infection cases, authorities have imposed a lockdown (bandh) across almost the entire country under which people have gathered restrictions and road, rail and air traffic has been banned till 31 March. .
According to ministry data, so far Kerala has reported the highest number of 95 cases of Kovid-19, including eight foreign nationals. After this, 87 cases including three foreign nationals have been reported from Maharashtra.

There are 37 patients of corona virus in Karnataka while the number of infected people has increased to 33 in Rajasthan. These include two foreigners as well. 33 people including a foreign national are infected in Uttar Pradesh. So far, 32 cases have been reported in Telangana, including 10 foreigners. At the same time, infection cases have increased to 32 in Delhi, including a foreign national, while 29 cases have been reported in Gujarat. There are 26 cases in Haryana including 14 foreign nationals while 21 cases have been reported from Punjab. There are 13 cases in Ladakh while 12 in Tamil Nadu including two foreign nationals. So far, seven cases have been reported from West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. There are six cases in Chandigarh and four in Jammu and Kashmir. Three cases in both Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, while two people each in Bihar and Odisha are in the grip of infection. One case has been reported from Puducherry and Chandigarh. (Also from input language)

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