Corona virus: Shoaib Akhtar Baba Ramdev that thing: fast food due to deteriorating health


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  • Over the past two decades has shifted from weak your catering immunity: Akhtar
  • “People now rely more on junk food, sugar cane juice, not like the bread of corn, barley ‘
  • The ‘immunity people will need to re-home food and keep Fast habit’
  • Votsaep, including Google also annoyed Shoaib Akhtar used useless internet

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Corona virus has created a furore in the world. World everyone is scared of this disease and Silebritij on social media are also cautioned Kilav fans of this disease. Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has also warned many times against this deadly virus from his YouTube channel. Akhtar once again expressed his opinion on this disease, so Indian fans remembered Baba Ramdev.

Akhtar this time do not have to shoot the video running. Subsequently, Akhtar said that because of the corona virus that are hands nor any’re not getting any of these days. He is running on an empty field so that his lungs are strong and the body’s immunity is smooth.

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The Rawalpindi Express has raised questions among the today’s way of eating instead of round. The former fast bowler said that in the last two decades of life, humans have changed their food and drink in such a way that their immunity has completely deteriorated.

44-year-old bowler said that now a person carrots, radishes, greens, does not like to eat corn or barley him cast Pija to eat in restaurants. Burger food. Soft drink drink. These things have been Bedhagrk our immune system and therefore the little drops a virus that humans get sick. He said that immunity should be strengthened to maintain the people’s house to cook food and sometimes fast should take. Subcontinent’s flashback time to adopt again.

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Shoaib, who played 46 Tests and 163 ODIs in his international career, said, “Now people don’t like to drink sugarcane juice. Now they do not drink lemonade should have any soft drink, regardless of her thirst and began instead to go out. ” With all this, he also questioned the misuse of anti-biotic drugs.

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He said people in the first round have never taken anti-biotic drugs before 25-30 years. Now, at the slightest, children have started taking antibiotics. Meanwhile, the Rawalpindi Express Votsaep and removed his exasperation over the Internet. He said that people are very used to this nonsense.

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Corona virus: Shoaib Akhtar Baba Ramdev that thing: fast food due to deteriorating health
Corona virus: Shoaib Akhtar Baba Ramdev that thing: fast food due to deteriorating health


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