Pressure to cancel IPL increased, many franchise owners have also demanded this from BCCI


The world’s biggest sporting event, the Tokyo Olympics-2020 has been postponed for a year after the Covid pidemic and now Indian Premier League (IPL), the biggest craze of cricket in India, has gone the same way. After the announcement of a 21-day lockdown in the country to deal with the Corona virus, the pressure has now come on BCCI to cancel the IPL.

Postponed till 15 April

The BCCI postponed the IPL to 15 April earlier this month. At that time, the board said that the tournament would be hosted only if the situation improves. But instead of improving it, the situation became more serious where more than 500 people have come under the grip of this virus in India. BCCI President Saurabh Ganguly said a day back that he had nothing to say on the matter in view of the grave situation. Ganguly said, “I can’t say anything right now.” We are in the same place as we were when we decided to suspend it. Nothing has changed in the last 10 days. In such a situation, I have no answer. The status quo remains. ‘

Wadia’s opinion

Co-owner Ness Wadia of Kings XI Punjab has been more vigilant on this issue. He said, “The board should really consider postponing the IPL now. As a major sporting event, we need to act with great responsibility. ”He raised the question,“ If the situation improves by May and I hope that will happen, how much time we will have. But whether foreign players will still be allowed to enter the country / ‘Earlier on Tuesday, the board postponed the conference of officials and franchise owners.

There is still hope!

This T20 league of eight teams filled with glamor and dazzle was originally scheduled to start in Mumbai on 29 March. It seems that the BCCI still sees the possibility of improving the situation, hence it is not able to take any decision yet. A BCCI official associated with the matter said, “If the Olympics can be postponed for a year, then the IPL is a very small tournament in that sense. It is becoming increasingly difficult to organize. We should also think that the government is not even considering to allow foreign visa.

“Even after the 21-day lockdown, it will be almost impossible now that things are normal. Even if the lockdown is lifted, a lot of restrictions will continue after April 14. It would be foolish not to cancel the league.”-BCCI official

Indoor workout routine

The cricketers of Team India are also at home in the lockdown. However, the team’s strength and conditioning coach Nick Webb, along with physio Nitin Patel, has prepared an indoor workout plan for the players to keep everyone fit. The source said, “All the players have been given a special fitness routine which they will consider and will inform the web and Patel. The bowlers have been given exercises which will strengthen its core and lower body. Similarly, the batsman has been given exercises which will strengthen his shoulders, wrists.

ICC video conferencing

The member countries of the International Cricket Council (ICC) will hold a video conference on Friday to discuss the emergency plan for the upcoming ICC competitions in view of the worldwide travel restrictions. The T20 World Cup is to be held in Australia in October this year, while the World Test Championship requires the countries to play series against each other, but in the current situation these events may need to be rescheduled. An ICC board member, however, made it clear that no decision is to be taken in Friday’s video conferencing.

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Pressure to cancel IPL increased, many franchise owners have also demanded this from BCCI
Pressure to cancel IPL increased, many franchise owners have also demanded this from BCCI


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