Automatically deleting SMS in the phone, users are doing compulsion


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Mobile users are making a strange complaint. Android users have complained to Google that their SMS on Google Messaging app is getting deleted automatically. One user has complained to the Google support team, ‘I restarted my phone and all the SMSs were gone when I opened my message app. I restarted my app and phone. But, all the messages were gone. Google messaging app is facing many other bugs like message and contact names. Users have to face problems related to interchange with frequent app crashes.Users resetting their phones

To overcome this problem, most users are either resetting their phones or switching to another messaging app. All these problems have been causing a lot of trouble to Google and this problem is not limited to any particular mobile or brand. The problem is also coming in Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Moto G series phones, Huawei P20 series and other smartphones.

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Google brought spam protection feature

For Android users, Google has introduced a spam protection feature in its message app. Google has said, ‘With the spam protection feature for messages, we will warn you against suspicious spam and unsafe websites. If you see any suspicious spam warning in the message, then you can give information about it to further improve our spam model. Apart from this, Google also offers the option to block the entire conversation. Messaging tries to identify suspected spam, allowing you to block and report spammers. Meanwhile, Google’s dedicated section has gone live in India, which easily transmits information related to the corona virus.

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