I Phone users update their device now, so important

IPhone users update their device now, so important
I Phone users update their device now, so important
I Phone users update their device now, so important

Representative Update The latest operating system version iOS 13.4 has been rolled out by Apple. All iPhone users across the world are getting this update and have been asked to update the device. The beta version of the new iOS 13.4 was rolled out about a month ago. In this way, after testing all the new features are being brought to all the users. A major feature found in the iOS 13.4 update from Apple is iCloud Drive folder sharing. This feature is similar to Dropbox and with its help, iPhone users will be able to share the folder of cloud storage with others. In this way, many users in the same folder will be able to update the content and access them. Users are being asked to update the device, so that all bugs can be fixed immediately.

Found new mimoji

Along with this, 9 new Mimoji Stickers are also given in this update, which include Party Face and Smiling Face with Hearts. Along with this, many more features and fixes have also been rolled out in this update. Some issues have also been fixed in the camera and photos app. Apart from this, the black screen seen in the camera app is also fixed now. The changelog of this update has also been revealed.

These changes happened

In addition to the fixes related to the camera and photos, the messages in the mail were out of order, which has been fixed in the new update. Apart from this, some bugs encountered in the settings have also been fixed. Several updates related to Safari browser, Apple music, reminders and notifications are also included in this update. Apart from this, the keypad function has also been improved earlier.

Now you can clean your iPhone with disinfectant wipes

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