New way of online forgery, ‘corona will pay if you don’t give money’

Swindle in the name of Corona

Cybercriminals are now hunting people all over the world through fear of Coronavirus. They swindle as ever WHO officials, then never made their victimized by fake website in the name of Covid -19. He has now found a new way. According to British security software and hardware Company Report Sophos, cyber criminals are a threatening e-mail by sending it claims will make that user Infekt from them gave money so they corona virus a member of the user’s family.“Not the money to Corona Take ‘

Until now, sextortion emails were used worldwide. In this, the fraudster claimed that he has some objectionable pictures of the user and if the user does not give him the money then those pictures will be sent to his family and people all over the world.

But now in the new trend, fraudsters have made the fear of Corona virus their means. Cybercrimes are sending out emails asking for $ 4000 in bitcoins, or else threatening to expose the user’s secrets and infect all family members with the corona virus. Sender email is told his old password. The fraudsters claim that they know all the passwords of the user and that they were monitoring the user for a long time.

“Buyers do not let the low corona ‘(photo credit: Sophos)

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Do you have an email today?

If you have any such email, you do not have to fear at all. In a data leak in the last few years, your password may have been leaked. Preensipl Research Scientist of Sophos Paul Dklin said, ‘Send no money right up. This is all lies. They have to have no data. If you have money you are giving them a chance to scare you.

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New way of online forgery, 'corona will pay if you don't give money'
New way of online forgery, ‘corona will pay if you don’t give money’


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